Karina’s Brilliance

I love “You Must Remember This“. The depth of analysis into the state of mind of each person, the extensive research of all possible conflicting perspectives in a story, the astute framing of the times in which events were happening, all make this series of narratives enriching, thought-provoking, and inspiring for action like any worthwhile piece of art. The series on the Blacklist sounds so close to the divisiveness of our society today over terrorism, refugees and the cheap shots by politicians easily swaying mass opinion. Listening to Karina’s writing urges you to do better in developing your own views of complex issues more fully and not jumping to take sides.

A number of episodes, for example the one on Ronald Reagan, the parts touching on Nixon, represent serious political analysis and commentary one would find on NPR or in the New Yorker.

Karina’s presentation of the inspiring and sadly obscure stories of rebelling women like Isabella Rossellini, Helen Gehegan Douglas, and Raquel Welch, are stories I’d like young women to consume instead of celebrity gossip. The sensitive use of archival recordings of the people portrayed, along with nice voice acting guest gigs and not least Karina’s own deep and amusing renditions of studio heads’ chauvinistic quotes, make the narratives alive and authentic. Karina’s signature breathy and seductive “stay with us, won’t you” works on me without fail.

I see the future of quality journalistic content in podcasting and Karina is one of the trendsetters along with Ira Glass, Alex Blumberg, Stephen Dubnar and I’m sure many more I may not have discovered yet!


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